This page describes how to take a filtered data set and generate a map.

First steps

It's possible that you have already found an interesting dataset or even created a view or visualization. You will need to create an account in order to:
  • Save filters
  • Save views
  • Share maps or other visualizations.
Since you're reading this, why not go ahead and create an account?

Creating an account

Creating an account on Socrata is not much different from creating accounts on other participatory website.
This will walk you through the necessary steps.

On each page of the data portal, there is a "Sign Up" link in the upper-right-hand corner. Click this to get started creating an account.

This will take you to the first registration page where information like username and passwords are entered. Completing a CAPTCHA challenge will also be required.

One particular consideration is that the Socrata software has specific password requirements.
Your password must be between 8 and 40 characters and satisfy three of the following four criteria:
  • contain a digit
  • contain a lowercase letter
  • contain an uppercase letter
  • contain a non-alphanumeric symbol.


Once this information is successfully entered, the a user information screen is shown.

On this screen, options to add optional public information and a profile image are available.


On the Basic Info page, links to other social media and biographical info can be added to the system. Other users will be able to see this information.

A profile photo can also be added by clicking "Edit Image."

Creating an account is pretty straightforward, but doing it right away will make using the data portal easier.

Next steps

Some next steps using the data portal may be:
  • Search the data portal -- Search for data, maps and charts, and filtered views in a number of different ways.
  • Filter a Data Set -- Customize a dataset by applying filters.

After you've done some exploring, share your work and contribute to the community!