This page describes how to take a filtered data set and generate a map.

If you are accustomed to using spreadsheet software or other data-analysis software such as R, QGIS, or Stata, it is likely the case that it's easier for you to download datasets and work in your favorite software than figure out how to do what you want in Socrata's interface.

In addition, if you want to add or recode fields, you will need to do this in a spreadsheet or another data-analysis package.

First Steps

Before you get started mapping, you may want to do the following things first.
  1. Create a user account on the open-data portal. You will need to do this to save a view or a map.
  2. Find a relevant data set
  3. Filter a data set for specific kinds of information

This tutorial assumes you have just filtered a data set.

Downloading a Dataset

To download a dataset, the data must be exported to a different type.

To get started, click the "Export" button in the Socrata interface.

Clicking the "Export" button pulls up a new pane, the Export pane.

The Export pane offers a number of options for data export. If you will be working in a spreadsheet, the csv, xls, and xlsx will be the most useful for you.


Since CSV (comma-separated values) is the format read by the broadest range of packages, this tutorial will use CSV.

Click on the CSV button, and a download will begin.


After the download is finished, it can be opened in an appropriate software package. If the dataset you are requesting is large, it may take a while to download.


This CSV file opened right up in Excel 2011, creating a spreadsheet of bat complaints to Austin's 311 service.


Once the data is in a spreadsheet, it can be pared down by deleting unnecessary columns or fields, or new columns can be created to represent the data in a different way.

The fields SR Type Code, Owning Department, Method, SR Status, and Status Change are irrelevant to the analysis here, so those columns in the spreadsheet can be deleted. This may make things simpler as you go along.


Next Steps

After you've download a dataset, you aren't able to edit it further in Socrata. Please share your work in whatever ways are accessible to you, though!