After you open a dataset, you can group data by category and roll up data to view the specific data you want. Rolling up is a method of grouping specific rows together to summarize data.

After you group the data and apply roll-ups, you can display the filtered data in a visual format such as a pie or bar chart. See the Visualizing data with a chart page for more information.

Applying a roll-up

Open a dataset, using the instructions on the Searching the Austin Open Data Portal page. This example shows the Affordable Housing Inventory dataset.

Click the Filter icon, shown in the red box.
The Filter pane opens with the Filter menu expanded. For more information on using filters, go to the Creating a view and mapping page.
Click the Sort & Roll-Up tab.
The Sort & Roll-up pane expands. Click the Roll-ups & Drill-downs check box.
The Roll-ups & Drilldowns pane expands, displaying the Group By and Roll-up sections.
In the Group By section, select Organization from the list.

In the Roll-up section, Select Affordable Units from the list.
Select Count from the Function drop-down list.
Click Apply.
The dataset displays two columns: the Organization column and the Affordable Units column.
Now that you have grouped and rolled up the data so that the dataset displays only the information you want, you can display the data in a chart format. Go to the Visualizing data with a chart page.