Share your data solutions

After you create filtered views, charts, and/or maps from the City of Austin datasets, you might want to share your findings with other people.

Create a Socrata user account so you can save your views, charts, and maps. By default, your customized information will be publicly available, but will not appear in searches related to that dataset.

Embed visual data on a web page

You can embed a map or chart within an existing web page. For example, if you are writing articles about restaurants for a food-themed blog, you might want to embed a map of restaurant inspections. From the portal page where you have saved your information, click the red Embed button in the upper left corner. The embed code for that view displays in a text box. You can select from one of three preset sizes for the embed area, or customize a size of your own. Then copy the code and paste it on your web page.

Share a link to your data

When you save your custom data view, it's accessible via a specific URL. You can share this URL any way you like. The data portal has helpful icons you can click to easily share the web address via social media. They're located at the top of each data page, above the row of multicolored function buttons:
  • Facebook -- Click the icon to display a Facebook page where you can describe the data and share the link on your timeline.
  • Twitter -- Click the icon to display a Twitter page with a pre-written tweet that includes a link to your data. You can edit the wording of the tweet before you post it.
  • Email -- Click the icon to display a pop-up window where you can enter the email addresses to send the link to the data, and an optional message to accompany the link.

You can also download your data into one of several formats that you can use with spreadsheet or data analysis applications, to share in that way.