The City of Austin Data Portal offers features for high usability of datasets by means of data visualization, filtering, and sharing.

Near the top right of the portal web front are the data handling functionality buttons. Each of these opens a sidebar that serves as the user interface to manipulate or handle the dataset.


For example, the manage function customizes the visual tabular layout of a dataset. For example, the user can specify the columns of data fields to be displayed.


figure 1

A powerful feature of the portal is the capability to generate customized views, which are visual representations of data.

Examples of view types are map and chart.

Here's an example of a map view:


figure 2

Here's an example of a chart view:


The view generating feature makes data more consumable and usable. To illustrate, consider someone who might want to use the data portal with his relocation to Austin. The person could use the the 3-1-1 call service request dataset to help him decide on a neighborhood of acceptable living environment. He can use some of the functions of the Data Portal to filter out the neighborhood by zip codes. Contrast figure 1 with figure 2.

Another useful feature of the portal is the Embed function, which enables the user to share a dataset by means of embedding it as an iframe element. An use case of this is might be citation of data for online journalistic publishing.


Here are some tips on how to share a dataset.

Similarly, the user can also easily get a copy of the dataset with the download feature.


Here's how to do so.